When Pharrell Williams released the worlds first(?) 24h music video for his song "Happy", it spread like wildfire on the internet.
A couple of months later a large number of remakes had surfaced on Youtube.
Julie Fersing and Loïc Fontaine from Nantes, France, decided to create a website dedicated to all these remakes.

We are happy from . . . was born! On their interactive map of the world you can find remakes from all over the world.
Maybe someone from your home town has made their own version, featuring places you know well?
As of 19th April 2014, 1310 remakes from 122 countries have been made.

That´s a lot of happiness B.)

I was approached by cinematographer Robert Egron Erstad who was about to shoot the first remake from Oslo.
How could I resist spreading a bit of joy?

I created 4 - 5 different looks for the directors to choose from, all of which stayed true to their brief. . . filmic, warm and happy!
The shoot was done on the streets of Oslo during a spring weekend. The summer had not come to town yet, it´s too early.

BUT . . . The video turned out great and features a mix of everyday people and different artists / celebrities.

Get your Norwegian happiness here!

Credit shortlist:
Artist: Pharrell Williams
Production company:Thor Productions
Producer: Noroff AS & Virus
Directors: Sondre Fristad & Aurora Bjørnhaug
Cinematographer: Robert Egron Erstad
Editor: Sebastian Øyangen
Colourist: Dylan R. Hopkin

Technical details:
Duration: 4:27 min
Original Format: RED carlet, Canon C300
Release Format: Full HD
Aspect: Scope

Post-production gear:
Offline: Adobe Premiere CS6 (MAC)
Grade: Da Vinci Resolve (MAC)

We are happy from - official website
Pharrell Williams

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