15.02.2014: "SIVERT HØYEM / INNER VISION" - Music Video Grading

Sivert Høyem is a very respected and popular artist in Norway. Previously he was the lead singer in the alternative rock band Madrugada.
They won several Norwegian Grammys in the late 2000s. Høyem has an exceptional voice that has a unique charismatic quality.

His music is often dark, mellow and slow paced. "Inner Vision" is the first single from his upcoming album.
The national newspapers have already given this song top reviews.

Once again I had the pleasure to grade a music video with director Vibeke Heide. She has an unique visual style that incorporates a very poetic touch.
Heide teamed up with cinematographer Janne Lindgren for this shoot. Lindgren established a great emotional look through her lens.

Heide, Lindgren and I worked out a couple of different looks. We all agreed on a "mahogany" feeling, where the hues were leaning towards brown.
This suited the location well, since the actors and artist were performing in a house with a lot of wooden surfaces.

The video was shot on RED Epic at 4K @ 50p. I graded directly on the RED RAW-files in DaVinci Resolve 10. This gave me plenty of range to grade with.

This was the first project I graded on Resolve version 10, so I was curious to see how it compared to Resolve version 9.
It performed pretty well, except for some instability issues and a couple of crashes. I am sure these things will be ironed out in later releases.

The new features helped me speedup my work, and I loved the opportunity to use Filmconvert as a film stock simulator.
I graded using RedColor3 / RedLogFilm through the Kodak 5207 Vision 3 film simulation. It gave filmick texture, smooth highlights and lovely inky blacks to the images.
I am not a huge fan of plugins, I like designing my own looks. Filmconvert was only used to add a little extra touch to the overall contrast and film grain.

The music video features some great dancing by Ulf Nilseng, acting by Alise Lauvstad Haugli and an energetic performance by Sivert Høyem himself.

Great song and video, check it out!

Credit shortlist:
Arist: Sivert Høyem
Music / Lyrics: Sivert Høyem
Label: Warner Music Norway AS
Actors: Ulf Nilseng, Alise Lauvstad Haugli og Sivert Høyem
Director: Vibeke Heide
DOP: Janne Lindgren
Editor: Svein Olav Sandem
Focuspuller: Odd Erik Sedberg
Gaffer: Bjørn Berger
Production assistant: Marit Silsand
Location scout: Ann-Kristin Talleraas
Colourist: Dylan R. Hopkin

Technical details:
Duration: 5:11 min
Original Format: RED EPIC 4K
Release Format: Full HD
Aspect: 2.35:1

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