"Captain Sabertooth" - TV Drama Grading & Online

"Captain Sabertooth" (Kaptein Sabeltann) is Norway's most famous pirate. The man who created the character, Terje Formoe, has built an entire empire around his gold-seeking captain of the high-seas. "Captain Sabertooth" has his own theme-park where thousands of families flock to see the spectacular pirate show in the southern Norwegian town of Kristiansand.

In cooperation with SF Norge, he is back with a new drama TV-series for kids. Norway's largest broadcaster, NRK, is airing 26 episodes featuring exotic new adventures.

We follow the young boy, Tiny, who want's to become the world's youngest pirate. Together with his best friend, Raven, he tries to win the good faith of the mighty captain.
The series was partially filmed in the theme-park, but there is a big-budget-feeling to the production, including a real pirate ship, a real pirate village and beautiful vfx showcasing the secret island where the captain and his crew live.

The talented crew at Storm Studios with VFX Supervisor Morten Moen leading the team, created some really nice vfx shots and stunning matte-paintings.
Matte painting wizards Nikolai Lockertsen and Stig Saxegaard created some breathtaking virtual scenery.
In addition to the vfx, Storm Studios created the intro sequences that transports us in to this tropical world.

I had the pleasure to be the colorist on all 26 episodes with a total running-time is approx. 338 minutes.
With ever changing Norwegian weather, the footage needed a lot of "love".
The entire series was shot with two Arri D21s, with some second unit footage done on Canon DSLRs.

Check out some photos from behind-the-scenes, courtesy of Håvar Karlsen who was one of the camera-operators on the show. Link1 / Link2.

Together with DOP Pål Bugge Hågenrud, director Mathias Calmeyer and producers, Frederick Howard and Gudny Hummelvoll, we went for a warm, saturated, tropical look.

After all, children do love lots of colors!

The series had it's premier on NRK Super on the 28.08.11, and will be broadcasted every Sunday this autumn. So if you have got kids, or are fond of pirates. Check it out!

Credit shortlist:
Production Company: SF Norge
Producers: Frederick Howard, Gudny Hummelvoll
Directors: Mathias Calmeyer, Cecilie Mosli
Storyline: Terje Formoe, Christopher Haug & Marit Haug
DOP: Pål Bugge Haagenrud
Editor: Steinar Stalsberg, Erik Aster, Anders Bergland
Sound Design: Erik Watland, Marius Berntzen
VFX Supervisor: Morten Moen - Storm Studios
Colourist / Online Editor: Dylan R. Hopkin

Full credits:

Camera: Arri D21 and Canon DSLR
Aspect: 16:9
Duration: 26 x 13 minutes

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