Nils Noa has been active in the Norwegian music scene for a number of years, and used to be a member of the band Bermuda Triangle.
Lately he has concentrated on his solo career, producing music for other artists and DJ-work.

In the video for his latest single, Noa hooked up with Oslo-based director Christian F. Schüssler to make a creative lyrics-video which showcases Noa driving through the urban landscapes of Oslo on his way to a nightclub. Schüssler teamed up with DOP Espen Olsen to visualize the "drive-theme".

The track "Move like the wind" features the female singer Ingrid Helene Håvik from Highasakite. Another popular Norwegian band that have made a lot a waves lately.

I was pleased to be asked to grade yet another music video with Schüssler and Olsen.
The director and I talked about the vibe for the video. Gritty urban fluorescent nightlife was a dominant factor.
I suggested using green and yellow as the main color palette, and a colder blue palette for the fight scenes.
We tried it on for size, it worked out great, and helped tell the story.

The main camera was a RED Epic, while a Panasonic GH2 was used for all the aerial-footage of the city.

Check out the video here!

Credit shortlist:
Artist: Nils Noa Feat. Ingrid
Label: Universal Music Norway
Production company: Viper Film
Producer: Synne Seltveit
Director / VFX / Editor: Christian F. Schüssler
Cinematographer: Espen Olsen
Aerial photography: Rotor Cinema
Colourist: Dylan R. Hopkin

Technical details:
Duration: 3:57 min
Original Format: RED Epic, Panasonic GH2
Release Format: Full HD
Aspect: Full frame 16:9

Post-production gear:
Grade: Da Vinci Resolve
Online / VFX: Adobe After Effects

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