"NORWEGIAN EUROVISION SONG CONTEST 2013": GradinG - 3 x opening sequences

It's Eurovision time again. For the third year in a row I am fortunate to be the colorist on the opening sequences for the TV-shows.
These sequences are directed Magnus Rye and feature beautiful cinematography by DOP Håvar Karlsen.

The Norwegian Eurovision TV-shows are produced by Dinamo Eyeworks for NRK.

Håvar chose RED Epic as the main camera this year. The 5K sensor, high framerate possibilities and a true RAW-workflow
with a gazillion possibilities in post were right for the job.

Everything was edited by the client in Adobe Premiere CS6 as native RED-RAW files.
Due to the fact that we had a rather tight deadline and there were a number of timewarps in the edit, we chose to export the ungraded footage as
10bit dpx files at 1080p25, using REDcolor3 / REDlogfilm debayering. These settings gave us plenty of latitude while grading.

I did the grade on Da Vinci Resolve 9 (OSX with a Cubix-box including multiple Nvidia GPUs) using a Panasonic BT300 Plasma as the primary display monitor.
Resolve is a great creative system, fantastic coloring tools that enable swift look creation with the client. Proper realtime performance, no waiting around.

The next three weeks the Eurovision Show will be broadcasted from three different Norwegian towns: Steinkjer, Florø and Larvik, before the final in Oslo the following weekend. The sequences feature a band, who do not actually compete in the competition, and the artists who actually do compete.

We went for a low-key golden look for the band images, and created a slightly different color palette for the presentation of the artists.
After trying out a couple of different approaches, we decided to give the artists a more saturated / colorful expression, including magenta / yellow / red / orange hues.
This placed the band and the artists in two different "universes" while still sharing common elements.

The Eurovision TV-shows usually have a TV marketshare of 60% here in Norway, which is about 1.2 million viewers.
Remember that only 5 million people live in Norway. It will be exciting to see how the ratings are this year!

The last two intro sequences will be aired on NRK: Sat. 26.01.13 and Sat. 02.02.13 (I can't show images from these films yet).

Check out the opening for the Steinkjer show on Vimeo!

Credit shortlist:
Client: NRK
Production Company: Dinamo Eyeworks
Producer: Geir Fredriksen
Director / Editor: Magnus Rye
DOP: Håvar Karlsen
Sound Design: Marius Ytterdal (Universal Sound)
Music: M83.
Focus puller: Ólafur Jónsson
Grip / AC: Christofffer Krook
Technocrane: w/ operator Michael Berglund
Lighting: Mattis Slemdahl
Production coordinator: Lovise Drotninghaug
Colorist: Dylan R. Hopkin (Nordisk Film ShortCut Norge)

Technical details:

Original Format: RED Epic & Canon C300
Aspect: 2.35:1
Release Format: National TV (NRK)

DOP - Håvar Karslen's Blog
Director - Magnus Rye
NRK - Eurovision homepage

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