Mekonomen are Scandinavias largest chain of car-workshops, with over 1400 workshops under their wings.

Production company Tangrystan, spearheaded by director Hans Ingemannsson and producer Beate Tangre, created the commericals in co-operation with the
creative team at the client's agency, Dinamo. These commercials have got a large portion of humour. They certainly made me smile when I watched them.
Ingemannsson recently directed the latest season of the popular Swedish comedy series "Solsidan".

I onlined the commercials which included replacing the "boyfriend" inside the car on one of the shots, removing unwanted elements and doing the graphics.

They are currently airing on TV2, TV3, Discovery, Kanal 9 and National Geographic. But feel free to check them out on Vimeo too!

Credit shortlist:
Client: Mekonomen
Agency: Dinamo
Creative team: Henrik Johs. Sæther , Henrik Hagelsteen , Tonje Østbye , Pål Drage , Charlotte Kristoffersen
Production Company: Tangrystan
Director: Hans Ingmansson
Producer: Beate Tangre
Offline: Thomas Trælnes (NF ShortCut)
Colorist: Julien Alary
Online: Dylan R. Hopkin (NF ShortCut)
Sound Design: Lars Jørgen Goberg (NF ShortCut)

Post-production gear:
Offline: FCP7
Grade: Da Vinci Resolve (Linux)
Online: Autodesk Smoke / Adobe After Effects

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