Successful documentary filmmaker Solveig Melkeraaen suffered from heavy clinical depression. Electroshock therapy helped her, and she started making a film about the experience and how she managed to overcome the illness with this controversial treatment.

But when Solveig falls into a second depression, she realizes she has to accept that being perfect is not an option.
This insight gives the director and the film a unique portrait of a person who learns how to be a human being, not just a good girl.

Mental health is a really important subject, but often gets pushed aside and is not spoken about.
This film made me really think, especially since I have had family members who have been through heavy depressions.
There are no such things as a perfect family, at least not to my experience.
For the immediate family, it is never easy, but it is extremely important to stand by their sick relative in their time of need.

I had the pleasure to grade and online this documentary together with director Solveig Melkeraaen and DOP Øystein Mamen.
Most of the film is a traditional documentary, but also includes a number of dream sequences shot more like a feature film drama.
They visualize how the director felt the battle with herself as she tried to stay "perfect", and not lose grip of the situation.
These sequences feature great VFX by Storm Studios.

The movie has it´s cinema premiere on the World Mental Health Day 2014, Friday 10th of October.

I´ll post a trailer as soon as it´s available.

Credit shortlist:
Production Company: Medieoperatørene
Producer: Ingvil Giske
Director: Solveig Melkeraaen
Screenplay: Solveig Melkeraaen
Cast: Solveig Melkeraaen, Ravn Lanesskog, Karl Magnus Melkeraaen, Sigrid Melkeraaen, Magnus Melkeraaen, Kristine Steffensen
DOP: Marianne Bakke, Anna Myking, Øystein Mamen
Film Editors: Christoffer Heie, Ida Kolstø, Robert Stengård, Solveig Melkeraaen, Lars Joakim Ringom
Sound Design: Gunn Tove Grønsberg
VFX: Storm Studios
VFX Supervisor: Morten Jacobsen
Colorist / Online Editor: Dylan R. Hopkin

Full credits:

Camera: Arri Alexa, RED Epic, Panasonic AF100, Canon 5D
Aspect: 1.85:1
Duration: 80 minutes
Release date: 10th October 2014

Post-production gear:
Offline: FInal Cut 7
Online: Autodesk Smoke
Grade: Da Vinci Resolve (MAC)
Audio: Digidesign Protools
DCP: DVS Clipster


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